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This site is a repository of written works of father/Son writing team Stagg & Stagg. For the purposes of option and development, all works Stagg & Stagg unless otherwise noted. All rights are 'free and clear' unless otherwise noted.

Bima Stagg was a versatile writer and filmmaker who grew up on the TV soundstages of his father: writer/producer Jerry Stagg. Bima's first films were with Andy Warhol (as Kip Stagg). When not writing he had a wide range of careers, including graphic artist, fashion designer, architect, editor, and inventor. His films Stander, Inside, The Stud, Death of a Snowman all tackled provocative subjects in honest and visceral ways. Full filmography  


Jesse Stagg is 3rd generation writer, producer and longtime collaborator with father Bima Stagg. As Creative director Jesse ran studio creative departments at Paramount, Cartoon Network and Disney online. As creator and curator in street and media arts Jesse has worked with artists from Banksy to Marina Abramovich.​ Full bio here.

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