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By Shepard FAIREY

L I M I T E D    S E R I G R A P H    E D I T I O N  by  S H E P A R D  F A I R E Y

The artwork first appeared as a mural in South Africa — a radiance of orange, black, yellow and purple. Noted for its resonance to Shepard's iconic Obama Hope Poster that came to symbolize that historic Presidency. The official image of the 2019 Centenary of Mandela's birth. 

was unveiled at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History & Culture,

with a keynote by President Barack Obama and Mandela’s widow Graça Machel.

A percentage of proceeds goes to the Mandela legacy organizations, for the people’s educational and economic development.

S E R I G R A P H   D E T A I L S

31 x 42 inches

Silkscreen / 5 colors & Varnish

Coventry 100% Cotton Rag

weight 320 gsm / deckled edge

edition 300

For further inquiries please contact

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