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❇️ Art | Design | Animation | Written Word

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💟 Insta: ThePurpleShallGovern

🔸 Insta Personal: TheJesseStagg



📍Los Angeles 🕖 GMT -7

🇺🇸 New York

🇬🇧 London

🇿🇦 Cape Town


▪️SHEPARD FAIREY | Curator & Publisher, Mandela Mural & Edition

Unveiled by President Obama & Graça Machel at the Smithsonian


▪️AMON TOBIN | Creative Director


▪️BANKSY Barely Legal LA | Los Angeles, Consultant to the artist


▪️UCLA Design | Media Arts | Lecturer in Media Arts


▪️LACMA LA County Museum Graphic Arts Council | Communications Chair

Into the Pixel first Videogame Art Awards, Modern Broadsides, the LA Printfair



Director of video, brand origin, FYA arts advocacy org founded by Bettina Korek



Creator web animated series produced & voiced by Marvel’s Stan Lee. [Link]



Produced first Rave in Africa and Leonardo DiCaprio’s last party of the Millennium.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Webcasts with Tom Hanks & the Fossey Gorilla Foundation

Professor Timothy Leary's 75th birthday


Resumé on Request


Alumni of:




🔹Cartoon Network


🔹Timothy Leary

🔹Andy Warhol*

🔹Leonardo DiCaprio

🔹Sir Arthur C. Clarke


🎧 Rave/HipHop Impressario South Africa. 

Bringing the beat back ‘88-‘92 

💎 Factoid: Helped coin the word Webisode.


It’s Art If I Say So  — Duchamp


A pixel is worth 1000 words  — Me


🙈 He/They 



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