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The COLOR assignment involves the research, conceptualization and realization of a very short, non-narrative video clip about an assigned color.



Steven Amhrein created the following 10 second clip for COLOR: ORANGE

Adobe Premiere, After Effects


The Department of Design Media Arts (DMA) at UCLA is one of America's leading design programs offering a

multidisciplinary education in media creation that fosters individual exploration and innovative thinking.


As a visiting lecturer at UCLA / DMA Media Arts, Stagg taught DMA153A Design for Video syllabus designed by Christian Moeller. Teaching techniques of conceptualizing and making short films using digital video by leveraging the student’s individual creativity and resourcefulness to bypass the typical financial and technical constraints of a beginning artist.


All videos are a curated selection of student work.


The RIPOFF assignment analyzes sequences of important films, understanding their aesthetic keys

and reconstructing a video in the form of a new interpretation consistent with the student's individual findings.

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