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Bima Stagg was a PEN Award winning American writer and filmmaker born in Los Angeles, who lived and worked extensively in Europe and his beloved South Africa. His diverse and prolific writing career produced edgy work that pushed the boundaries of independent film. He crafted smart, taut, tight stories with powerfully human characters and a visceral, flashy, action-driven style as a counterpoint to the strong themes of justice present in his work.

Andy Warhol & Kip Stagg

Bima Stagg met Andy Warhol in the summer of '64, leading to an ongoing collaboration resulting in four films. Kip - as he was then known, became a fixture at the factory and ongoing muse of Andy's. More than than a pretty face, Kip worked behind the scenes using his contacts and experience in film to expedite the lab processing of Warhol's films.


Kip Stagg appears in 2 Warhol Screentests - Kip Stagg 1 & 2

With Edie Sedgewick in Edie & Kip

Co-starred with Edie Sedgwick in Warhol’s controversial Beauty #1



Death of a Snowman
1976 R 1h 26m

A white cop and a black reporter in 70's Apartheid South Africa, join forces to investigate apparent vigilante killings in the criminal underworld.

Bima wrote the screenplay and played the role of Johnson, Joey Gallo's Mafia Hitman in Africa.

Christopher Rowley

Bima Stagg

Bima Stagg, Nigel Davenport, Ken Gampu