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As executive VP at Midnight Oil you know what it takes to be an effective leader. 


In my years in our business I have come to the following conclusions on the qualities of a great creative director. Humbly, I share them here.

Dear Michelle,

Good creative directors are chameleons. They are well versed in art direction and copywriting and understand the balance between copy & design, concepts & strategy. They set the creative standards and objectives so that everyone grasps them. They have a point of view, are curious, well read, inspired and inspiring. They get excited about things. They put the spotlight on their team, let them flex their creative muscles to shine individually and together. They do their homework. They embrace the data. They are avid students of trends and tradition, but prisoner to neither. They are digital and analog, not easily impressed by fads or jargon. They understand a killer 360 integrated campaign across multiple touchpoints is only as good as the big idea and execution. They are decisive, diplomatic, specific, constructive and clear with expectations. They know when to bring it and when to get out the way. They build a culture of honesty leading by example. They stay later. They work harder, smarter. They get the pizzas in. They speak client, presenting with panache and persuasively. They win pitches.

In my creative career I've scored a number of singular successes:

  • Directed acclaimed product launches and integrated campaigns for all Cartoon Network's groundbreaking emmy winning new shows from Powerpuff Girls to Dexter's Lab and a global rebrand of Viacom’s Star Trek franchise with digital style guides and bold new key art direction.

  • Helped design the and Hollywood Records sites and as Sr Art Director for CBS/Infinity radio stations, launched the digital presence of 15 major market stations and shows including: KROQ, KCBS, LIVE105, the Howard Stern show, Loveline & Coachella Festival, helping achieve a weekly audience of eighty (80) million.

  • Conceived and/or produced numerous acclaimed music and art events around the world from the first raves in Africa to E3's Into the Pixel video Game Awards to Leonardo Di Caprio's Millennium celebration to to Shepard Fairey’s 10 storey mural of Nelson Mandela in the heart of Johannesburg.

  • Coined the word Webisode in co-creating The 7th Portal web series with Marvel icon Stan Lee and spun it into one of Paramount Parks most successful VR rides.

This is the work and the qualities I built my career on. This is  the experience and skill set I bring to the table. I am biased, but Midnight Oil + Jesse Stagg feels like a win/win.


I'd love to visit and see your operation, can we make that happen?

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