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Stagg teamed with Tibetan Buddhist Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche to merge Technology and Spirituality 

 in two powerful apps for meditation: the Digital Prayerwheel and the guided meditations of a modern day Tibetan Buddhist Teacher.


iLama brings a meditation guru to the iPhone/iPad. Tulku Rinpoche explains and recites Mantras that have been handed down from ancient times. Updated for a modern Western audience, making them “Mantras for our Times”. 




The Digital Prayerwheel by iLama is the first authentically designed App of it's kind. Created with rigorous adherence to ancient Tibetan practice, the Digital Prayerwheel is a fully functional and effective equivalent to any physical prayer wheel in it's ability to generate Mantras. Innumerable Mantras can now be carried in the pocket and consulted at any time.

Featuring all 4 environmental wheels, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.




Tibetan Prayer Wheels are an ancient example of technology enhancing spiritual practice. The large cylinders are filled with numerous written mantras — when spun they spread the mantras in to the world.


The digital prayer wheel updates this concept for the 21st Century. Spin it for good energy or to remove obstacles. Join the opt-in database to record to your social profile for friends to see how many times you have spun the wheel today and for what purpose.



The Digital Prayer Wheel is perfectly designed to work with Apple Watch.

Check the time and check your Karma.


The heart of the iLama App is a simple yet powerful “Meditation Engine” that generates unique “Mantra Sessions” mixed with your own soundtrack and visuals.


Input paramaters to Design Your Own Mantra



Is your mood positive or negative?

Your energy stressed or relaxed?

Your level of compassion generous or withheld?



Select Music: Trance, Classical, Traditional Tibetan

Audio Effects: fire, ocean, wind, rain, thunder, chimes, birdsong




Once parameters and Intentions are input, the Mantra Machine generates a personalized spiritual, audio-visual experience, each entirely unique and never to be repeated again, unless saved as a “favorite”. 

Tulku Rinpoche's International humanitarian efforts help assure the survival of the Tibetan people. He has constructed a Children’s Monastery in central India to house and educate poor and orphaned Tibetan refugees. As a goodwill ambassador of the Tibetan people, he travels the world teaching compassion and using technology to enhance human consciousness.


Proceeds of the sale of iLama App will go to support the charitable work of Tulku Rinpoche's Foundation to benefit

Tibetan people living as refugees in India.



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